Energy Consumption Tracking

No Energy Efficiency effort can be effective if there is no measurement and verification of your actions. Our solution allows you to track your usage of energy over time. You have the ability to:-

  1. Measure and record your total building electrical consumption and as well as consumption of individual circuit loads (production areas, Cold Rooms, Pump Motors, Air Conditioning, specialized machines), Apartments, Hotel-rooms etc.
  2. ›Gather historical data for tracking long term trends or minute-by-minute data for troubleshooting specific problems and identifying cost-saving opportunities.
  3. ›Monitor increases in energy usage on equipment and receive alerts on anomalies as defined by the user.
  4. Determine if there are power quality or maintenance issues that have developed at any time during the monitoring period.

LED Replacements for Fluorescent, Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium Lamps

For all your LED replacements for Fluorescent, Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium lamps. Options available for either plug-and-play retrofitting by retaining the existing ballast or full replacement using direct line voltage, bypassing the ballast.

Lamps with occupancy sensor technology and wireless communications are also available for even greater energy savings.

Multi-tenant Sub-metering

Useful to Landlords, Building Management and Energy Management Personnel for tracking energy use, demand, power quality and allocating electricity consumption/costs to individual clients in Multi-tenant environments such as Airports, Office Buildings, Shopping Malls and Residential apartment buildings.

For billing purposes, multiple circuits can be combined for each customer where they own more than one facility and allows for easy changes when tenants move in and out.

 Some benefits of sub-metering include:

  1. Provides the ability to recoup electricity costs based on actual usage for each tenant
  2. Accurate allocation of Common Area costs to tenants
  3. ›Data Centre energy usage per customer, cabinet etc.
  4. ›Individual metering for Concession operators

Smart Metering for Water, Air, Gas and Steam

For all your flow metering needs for Gases, Compressed Air, Water and Steam.

Can be integrated into our energy monitoring data logger using Modbus RTU/TCP to carry out data logging and analysis. This provides a complete view of all your energy use in a single device.

In addition to Solar PV Design and Installation

For large and small Solar PV systems we have you covered.

Solar PV System Image

Other Solutions

We also provide the following:

  1. Conducting Energy Audits - CEM certified
  2. Supply and installation of user-friendly HMI/SCADA software
  3. 3G/4G LTE cloud-managed dual-SIM cellular routers for M2M communications, Fleet Management and other IoT communication applications.

Next Steps...

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