Energy resources consumed by an organization are directly influenced by operational activity and internal culture. This holds true whether the resource is electrical energy, water, fuel etc. Studies have shown that targeted energy-saving measures can be used to lower the energy consumption of a facility typically by 5 to 20%.

Measurement and verification are key to any energy efficiency strategy, both to identify inefficient energy use and to accurately determine energy savings from Energy Efficiency (EE) efforts. Monitoring eliminates guess-work as to why there was a spike in energy, fuel or water use during a particular period.

Energy management represents a real opportunity to improve the bottom line by utilizing energy efficiency indices relevant to your area of activity.

  • Hotels (Based on Hotel size) – kWh/Guest Night
  • Office and Commercial Buildings - kWh/m2/Year
  • Industrial and Manufacturing - kWh/Unit of Production
  • Water Production - kWh/m3 of water produced
  • Waste Water Treatment - Hydraulic Loading in kWh per million gallons treated or Organic Loading in kWh/lb of BOD removed
  1. Plan – Determine energy consumption by collecting the data
  2. Do - Finding and quantifying opportunities for savings
  3. Check - Target the saving opportunities
  4. Act - Track progress over time and effect improvements

Our EG41xx multi-input energy monitor device is ideally suited to carrying out all of the above, providing feedback in real-time.


The graphs shown in figs. 1-3 represent real-time data capture under different circumstances on the EG41xx multi-input energy monitoring device. (Click on each graphic to see a close-up view, click again to return to page)

  1. Fig. 1 - Export of energy generated by a Solar PV system to the grid  during periods of low demand are captured, showing the exact date and time when this occurred.
  2. Fig. 2 - Simultaneous tracking of Grid consumption and Solar PV production in a single interface. Any anomalies such as a fall-off in solar production over time can be easily detected.
  3. Fig. 3 - Energy use by four 3-phase devices are captured independently of each other and displayed. The total energy consumption of all four systems combined is also shown.
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Fig. 1 - Capture of PV Export to Grid
Fig. 2 - Grid Use versus Solar PV Production Monitoring
Fig. 3 - Capture of Multiple Inputs

Multi-Input Energy Meters

The eGuage Systems EG4xxx Multi-input Sub-metering solutions are affordable, flexible, secure, web-based electric energy and power meters that can monitor between 15 and 30 single-phase circuits depending on the model chosen and is compatible with both single and 3-phase systems in 110V−480V, 50/60Hz from 0 to 6,900A configurations.

Ideal for energy monitoring in Industrial/Commercial environments using either the EG4115 or EG4130 configuration and for Residential Solar PV installations using the EG4115 configuration. They can retain information for up to 30 years using 64 measurement registers, and is Modbus RTU and BACnet/IP compatible for data logging and analysis of readings from other meters or for BEMS integration.

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Muli-Tenant Sub-metering of Energy Consumption

The SATEC BFM136 Multi-Tenant sub-metering energy meter is ideal for use in multi-tenant buildings providing for monitoring up to 36 single-phase or 12 three-phase circuits on a single meter. It is ideal for tracking energy use in shopping malls, apartment and other multi-tenant buildings where accurate billing of energy consumption is required beyond the main electricity meter.


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Air Mass Flow Meters

We carry mass flow meters from two suppliers, CDI Meters for dry compressed air and Nitrogen only and VP Instruments for compressed air and technical gases. The VP Instruments meters return readings for temperature and pressure in addition to mass flow. Outputs from these meters can be sent to our data logger for long-term retention and off-line data analysis using Modbus RTU communications.

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Ultrasonic Water Meters

We carry a full range of Ultrasonic flow meters from DIEHL Metering that provides ease-of-use, improved accuracy and advanced technology for residential and bulk metering needs with their IZAR radio system that delivers automated readings, outstanding range and enduring performance.

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Plug-and-Play LED

Retrofits for Ballast-driven High-Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide and Fluorescent lamps used in Industrial/Commercial environments. Save up to 50% on lighting and installation costs. All lamps carry a five-year warranty.

Ballast Bypass configurations that are 120-277V line-powered are also available for most lamp types.

We represent Maxlite Lighting out of the US for our LED line.

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Commercial LED Lighting

• Offer 80% energy savings over incandescents
• Contain no mercury, lead or other hazardous materials
• Turn on instantly
• Are dimmable
• Last up to 100,000 hours (100 times more than an incandescent!)
• Do not emit ultraviolet or infrared rays during operation
• Operate cooler
• Do not burn out (they become dimmer after their lifetime)

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